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You may have noticed the tagline for our website: Live Life Abundantly. Abundant life is a phrase which is not easily defined, but earnestly desired. We want to take the time in some of our posts to explain our take on the term. If we asked 100 different people to define the good life (Abundant Life) we may receive 100 different responses. However, there would probably common components throughout all the definitions. One of those elements would most likely be authentic connection with other people. Too often in life, we live in ways which leave us feeling fragmented and disconnected from others. It is a little ironic that as the population skyrockets, more and more people live with a sense of isolation and loneliness. Just being in proximity of others does not guarantee real connections are happening. The popular 1980’s sitcom Cheers strikes a chord because we all desire to be someplace “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”; More than just touchy feel-y sentiment, even recent neuroscience studies confirm our need for connection. What is true today was also true thousands of years ago. When Jesus makes the statement “My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life,” (John 10:10), He means for us to live connected lives. Connected to God, connected to ourselves and connected to other people. The place we begin is reconnecting with God, but the result of that connection is being at peace with self and allied with others. The simple practice of asking God daily what he wants us to do today and then asking him for help can work wonders in leading us toward the abundant life we’ve been created to live. While we can spend long hours in debate as to what abundant life looks like, there is really only one person who is able to give us abundant life: Jesus Christ. Today is the day to begin looking to Him for a life better than you can imagine. As we look to Him we find that we are not here just “to get” for ourselves, but “to give”, to add to the lives of those around us. I’ll close with a link to a video clip of a boy who understands the importance of adding to those around us. If a kid, even Kid President, is able to add to and live life abundantly, then surely all of us are able to do the same. Click here to watch Kid President video.

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  1. Denise 10 years ago

    Just stopping by the blog.

  2. Asia (Mas) Roberts 10 years ago

    Dear Marty,
    You’ve completely changed my life with your unique leadership style and taught me how to live in abundance. You are the reason why I’m doing really well with my current online network marketing company. I’m forever grateful to you for believing in me.
    Much love,

  3. Marty Hale 10 years ago


    I am deeply moved by your gracious comments and want you to know that it means the world to me that you feel that way. You are such an inspiration to me and so many others that it can’t be expressed in words. I’ll never forget the tears gushing down your cheeks the first time you shared your why with me. To date it is the most powerful why I have ever heard and I’ve heard a few. I love you dearly. Congrats on your success!

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