Joe Pruett is a public school teacher who has lived fourteen of his adult years in urban Mexico. Joe grew up in the Pacific Northwest. As the son of a hall of fame wrestling coach, Joe won a wrestling championship and participated in multiple national and international wrestling events. Those great successes were contrasted by his complete defeat to drugs and alcohol which drove him to the feet of Jesus. In 1990, he made a decision to follow Jesus that consequently influenced the trajectory and direction of his life. A year later Joe moved to Lubbock, Texas to participate in Adventures in Mission where he met his lifelong friends and co-workers, and his spouse. Joe Pruett married Elaine Kimbro in June of 1994 and they have three sons. Joe received his B.A. in Biblical Studies from Lubbock Christian University and his M.A. in Education from Framingham State University. Additionally, Joe holds degrees in Biblical Studies and Advanced Missions from Sunset International Bible Institute. Since 2003 Joe Pruett has been involved in bilingual education, working in the classroom and administratively; in both private and public education. He is passionate about helping students become confident, self-directed learners who can discover who they have been created to be; especially those who are new to their present culture. Joe believes we learn best through experience, that true knowledge is not exclusively intellectual. Joe is also an active member of a recovery community and dedicates several hours each week helping other men to adopt a plan for life which empowers them to live a happy and productive life free from addiction.

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